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We have pleasure in offering wifi access to all our clients throughout Hotel De Sers. Wired ADSL connection is also available free of charge in the rooms and suites for clients staying at the hotel.


Our fitness room, reserved for clients of Hotel De Sers, invites you to a workout with muscle-building machines, bike and treadmill.

Sauna hammam

An interlude of well-being in the hammam or sauna, fitted out in a pleasingly sober style.


Take a relaxing break in your room or in our fitness space. Our professionals will recreate a spa atmosphere in the privacy of your room.


We offer a full range of relaxing or toning massages, which can be provided in your room or in the fitness space.

The massages are carried out by professionals (man or woman) on a table or futon, thus recreating the atmosphere of a private spa.

Prices: €125 for 45 minutes and €160 for 60 minutes.

Beauty treatments

You can also benefit from all the beauty treatments dispensed in the larger salons, directly in your room. Manicure, pedicure, facials, hairdressing, makeup, etc.

Don’t hesitate to tell us your needs, we will be delighted to comply with any request.

Here are some examples of our rates:

Manicure from €70, pedicure from €80, facials from €160, etc.

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